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Staff Contest: April & May 2020
Foods From Around The World - and Down The Street!

Contest Rules

  • Only Hospitality Services staff are eligible to participate and win
  • Limited to one submission per employee
  • All correct answers, or most correct answers, will be entered into a draw to WIN a "Spring" Prize Pack
  • Contest closing date: May 31, 2020

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Answer the following questions.

  1. What is honey made from?
    1. nectar and bee vomit
    2. nectar and bee urine
    3. nectar and bee poop
  2. When eating sushi, what is the ginger for?
    1. to garnish your sushi
    2. to freshen your breath at the end of the meal
    3. to cleanse your palate between each sushi
  3. Where does Caesar salad originate from?
    1. Greece
    2. Spain
    3. Mexico
  4. Where does German chocolate cake originate from?
    1. Holland
    2. America
    3. Germany
  5. Which popular nut is actually a legume?
    1. Peanut
    2. Hazelnut
    3. Walnut
  6. What tasty dip is traditionally made from chickpeas?
    1. Hummus
    2. Guacamole
    3. Salsa
  7. What vegetable is used to make sauerkraut?
    1. Broccoli
    2. Brussel Sprouts
    3. Cabbage
  8. What is sushi traditionally wrapped in?
    1. Caviar
    2. Seaweed
    3. Cucumber
  9. What ice cream contains vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavours?
    1. Pistachio
    2. Neopolitan
    3. Rocky Road
  10. What spice gives your curry that golden hue?
    1. Tumeric
    2. Paprika
    3. Ginger
  11. BONUS: Where are you if you're in a sugar shack?
    1. Jamaica
    2. Canada
    3. Brazil

Good luck! Check back in next month for the next contest.

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