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Purchasing Committee

The Hospitality Services Purchasing Committee reviews current contracts and buying practices, as well as future contract and purchasing requirements for all divisions of Hospitality Services.

Hospitality Services currently maintains several ongoing contracts with distributors, manufacturers and brokers. The scope and term of contracts vary and come up for renewal on a continual basis.


Most contracts are signed over the spring and summer months, in order to be in place for the academic year.

December - March

  • Review products, menu mix, suppliers.
  • Conduct cuttings and sample new product lines.

March - May

  • Competitive bid processes which may take the form of written Request for Quote, written Request for Proposal, Tender or by OBS (Open Bid System). Current RFP's are posted on Western's Purchasing website at

June - July

  • Menus, product decisions and supplier agreements are finalized.

August - December

  • Academic year start up.
  • New business and products are not generally solicited during this time.

Hospitality Services Purchasing Committee Members

  • Frank Miller, Director - Hospitality Services
  • Kevin McCabe, Associate Director - Hospitality Services
  • Jacqueline Hassall, Associate Director - Residence Dining
  • Craig Clifford, Operations Manager - Residence Dining (Purchasing Chair)
  • Anne Zok, Nutrition Manager - Residence Dining
  • Margaret Eldridge, Accounting Manager - Hospitality Services

Current Suppliers and Vendors

Current Suppliers and Vendors under a contract or purchasing arrangement with Hospitality Services, are encouraged to contact the appropriate area manager regarding their account with Hospitality Services.

General Inquiries

General inquiries on how to do business with Hospitality Services or who to contact within the department, may directed to the Purchasing Chair, Jacqueline Hassall at 519 661-3854 or by email

Purchasing RFP Environmental Stewardship

Hospitality Services is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and partners who share this commitment to environmental improvements and increased sustainability, will be given significant weight in the RFP process.

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Purchasing Inquiries

General inquiries on how to do business with Hospitality Services or who to contact within the department, may be directed to the Purchasing Chair, Craig Clifford at 519 661-2431 or by email

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