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Food Safety Standards


Please be advised all products delivered to Hospitality Services are subject to the following standards:

  1. All food and food grade products must be purchased, delivered and received from Western University Hospitality Services Purchasing approved sources.
  2. Hazardous chemicals and non-food products must be kept separate from food products during delivery and receiving. If delivered on the same truck, they must be adequately separated and labeled to ensure contamination does not occur.
  3. Trucks and shipment may be inspected prior to unloading. Food products will be inspected for best before dates and/or expiration dates. Food products, as required by law, must be labeled with ingredient listing, lot code and/or best before and/or expiration dates. This includes all bulk foods.
  4. All refrigerated foods, including refrigerated produce must be received at 4 °C or colder.
  5. All fresh fish must be received at 4 °C or colder.
  6. All fresh shell fish and fresh lobsters must be received at 7 °C or colder.
  7. All frozen foods must be received at -18 °C or less.
  8. All ice cream products must be received at -10 °C or less.
  9. All dry foods will be inspected for package integrity and cleanliness.
Purchasing RFP Environmental Stewardship

Hospitality Services is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and partners who share this commitment to environmental improvements and increased sustainability, will be given significant weight in the RFP process.

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Purchasing Inquiries

General inquiries on how to do business with Hospitality Services or who to contact within the department, may be directed to the Purchasing Chair, Craig Clifford at 519 850-2431 or by email

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