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  1. The Supplier by the acceptance of this contract accepts all terms and conditions hereof. These terms and conditions supersede and take precedence over any and all previous verbal or written arrangements in connection with this contract. Any deletions, modifications, alterations of, or additions to, the terms and conditions of this contract, to be binding, shall be in writing and signed by both the Supplier and Hospitality Services, Western University (herein after called Western).
  2. Any conflict in the wording of the Supplier(s)' invoice and/or sales agreement and the wording of the terms and conditions of this proposal, shall be resolved in favour of Western and shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Supplier(s)' invoice and/or sales agreement.
  3. All invoices must be addressed to:
    Western University
    Hospitality Services Accounts Payable
    1421 Western Road
    Room 150 - Lambton Hall
    London, ON N6G 4W4
  4. All invoices must indicate the specific food service unit to which the product was delivered, along with the unit's account number and delivery date.
  5. Payment will be made in Canadian funds. Net 30 days from invoice receipt or satisfactory delivery of goods or services, whichever is later, unless otherwise noted on the invoice. Cash discounts are calculated from the date of receipt of invoice. Western will not consider any prepayment terms.
  6. The price on the invoice is the total cost and includes all fees and charges of any kind including patent, permit, inspection, royalty and license fees, charges for crating, boxing, insurance, cartage , freight is FOB Western, restocking, and government tax levies, unless otherwise stated on the invoice.
  7. All applicable taxes are specified on the invoice. [Suppliers must be registered in Ontario for the collection and remittance of HST from the sale of goods and services.]
  8. All electrical or electronic components and equipment supplied under a Purchase Order or Invoice shall be approved in accordance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and must be certified for the intended use of the equipment in Canada by a Certification Organization accredited with the Standards Council of Canada Act.
  9. Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS) and appropriate labels must accompany all hazardous products as defined under the federal Hazardous Products legislation and provincial WHMIS legislation.
  10. Dangerous goods shall be shipped only in compliance with Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations, 49 CFR U.S. Hazardous Materials Regulations, and all other environmental laws, rules, regulations and procedures, where applicable.
  11. The use and reproduction of the Western names, logos and trademarks are governed by Western who shall approve all products using the names, logos or trademarks of Western prior to commencement of any work. All ideas, art and software paid for by Western shall become the sole and exclusive property of Western, and are to be delivered or returned upon request.
  12. Suppliers outside Canada shall provide Canada Customs invoices with fully completed, acceptable shipment documentation to the Western customs broker as noted on the Purchase Order. The full value must be disclosed.
  13. All workers on Western property must be covered by WSIB for the duration of the contract and that a Certificate of Clearance is maintained in good standing throughout the contract by the successful Proponent(s).
  14. Proof, from the Broker, of commercial liability insurance of at least $2 million per occurrence and Western University, its Board of Governors, trustees, officers, employees and agents, named as Additional Insureds. Such provision shall apply in proportion to and to the extent of, the negligent acts or omissions of the non-University party or any person or persons under the non-University parties' direct supervision and control. The liability insurance should include personal injury and property damage, non-owned automobile liability, owners and contractors' protective coverage and contractual liability coverage.
  15. Provide thirty (30) days advance written notice to Western of any modification, change, or cancellation of any of the insurance coverage.
  16. Proof, from the Broker, of automobile liability insurance with coverage of at least $2 million per occurrence for liability arising at law for damages caused by reason of bodily injury (including death) or damage to property by employees or sub-contractors.
  17. Suppliers may be requested to accumulate and consolidate invoices for payment using a Western-approved Electronic Tally Sheet.
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Hospitality Services is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and partners who share this commitment to environmental improvements and increased sustainability, will be given significant weight in the RFP process.

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General inquiries on how to do business with Hospitality Services or who to contact within the department, may be directed to the Purchasing Chair, Craig Clifford at 519 850-2431 or by email

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