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Waste Reduction

    Programs include Travel Mug Program, Choose to Reuse, Eliminating Styrofoam, Bulk purchasing and Reusable water bottles.
    More information about reduce and reuse.
    Along with paper and containers, we recycle used toner cartridges, batteries, plastic packaging wrap, electronic waste, fryer oil, and coffee cups!
    More information about recycle.
    We compost pre-consumer food waste and coffee grounds in residences, Great Hall Catering, and in some campus operations. Consumers can compost at the UCC Centre Spot, Support Services Building, Social Science, and in the Residence Dining operations.
    More information about compost.
    We know water is an important resource, and we are working to increase our water preservation. Our chemical supplier helps us manage our chemical stock. They control our usage levels, product disbursement, and provide us material safety data sheets for all products.
    More information about water & chemical usage.
Food waste is more than just wasted food!
What can you and Western community do to reduce food waste and to achive zero waste?
Hospitality Services Leaving a lighter footprint for tomorrow

Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
- Brundtland Commission (United Nations)

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