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Western University builds a better burger with its own brand
July 19, 2019

By the spring of last year, Western University in London, Ontario, was having a serious problem with its Harvey's branded burger unit, one of its venerable campus dining locations. Thus, was the idea of The FIXX born as the hospitality services team came together to create a unique brand with a menu that combines new items with some menu staples retained from the old franchised unit and then supplemented them with multiple limited time offers (LTOs).

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CHOPT Competition heats up Perth Hall
January 22, 2017
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In the Perth Hall cafeteria on Thursday night, the air was thick with the smell of cooking oil as the four contestants of the third annual CHOPT Western competition raced to create dishes that would win the heart of the judges.

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Fair trade frenzy at Western
January 26, 2017
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If the thought of Valentine's Day has you salivating for a box of chocolates, consider satisfying your cravings without the guilt by buying fair trade chocolate on campus.

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Lawna Wilson: A Western fixture since 1974
December 6, 2016
 Photo of Lawna Wilson
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Lawna Wilson has been at Western for 42 years. A social person by nature, Lawna's job as a cashier at Centre Spot allows her to have daily conversations with students. As a familiar face on campus, Lawna is a mother figure for some students who are away from home.

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Western University Designated Canada's 11th Fair Trade Campus!
February 9, 2016
Fair Trade Campus

All residence dining operations, campus outlets and vending services now offer products required to meet Western's Fair Trade Campus designation.

Read original article from The Canadian Fair Trade Network website..

The Subway sweetheart
October 20, 2015
Photo of Imelda Tvrtkovic

"Hello beautiful, how're you doing today?" is just one of the warm greetings you'll get when you see her at the Subway in the University Community Centre.

Subway sweetheart Imelda Tvrtkovic is known for her warm smile and the uplifting words that she says to you as she takes your order.

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Fellow of the Institute for 2015
May 2015
Photo of Miller

Frank Miller, Director - Hospitality Services, was selected as "Fellow of the Institute for 2015" by the Ontario Hostelry Institute. Frank was recognized for his countless contributions to the culinary, hospitality and tourism industry, along with his personal and professional industry achievements.

He was honoured at a gala dinner in Toronto, in late April. Congratulations Frank!

Summer 2015 News

Tims Express coming to UCC

A self-serve kiosk featuring coffee, tea and hot chocolate, along with your standard Timmies' baked goods, opening in late-June - right beside Subway.


Tim Hortons closes for Renovations! Last day: Friday, June 26th.

Looking forward to an exciting new look, expanded prep area, introduction of a 3rd cash register, and adding the panini sandwich and iced coffee programs. Let's hear it for shorter lines in September!


Centre Spot to introduce Soup & Salad bar!

This build-your-own station will feature an impressive selection of signature salads, fresh greens and more than 30 toppings and dressing so you can mix and match your perfect combination. The station will also feature 6 varieties of soup daily. Healthy eating just got that much easier!

Debit Cards Now accepted

Debit Cards Now accepted at Centre Spot (registers #1,2&3), Williams, Booster Juice, Starbucks & Subway - all in the UCC. Also accepted at Althouse, Support Services, WSRC, Lucy's, Law, Medical & Quotes Cafe (Weldon Library).

Leave for Change
November 2014
Photo of Miller

Frank is away on a journey to Vietnam, on behalf of Western and WUSC (World University Service of Canada) to help assess the methods of teaching of hospitality services in Rach Gia, in the southwest corner of Vietnam, at a college with 3,000 students.
Western News (March 12, 2015)

Read Frank's Blog


Frank Miller (above), Hospitality Services director, and Douglas Keddy, Research Western communications manager, have been named to Western's inaugural class of the initiative, which engages university staff in international opportunities, offered through Western's Staff Working Group on International Engagement. Read full story at Western News (July 09, 2014)

Experiencing Mexican Culture & Cuisine
October 2014
Experiencing Mexican Culture & Cuisine

Another one of our Hospitality Services Chefs, Ryan Stephens (Unit Chef @ Saugeen-Maitland), had an amazing professional development opportunity earlier in October.

Read full story here.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
August 2014
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Janet Smith, first, accepted her challenge... and in turn nominated Frank Miller, Kevin McCabe, Ruth Harland and Susen Boyd.


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Chef Invited to go to Monterey!
August 2014
Chef Invited to go to Monterey!

At the end of July, Andrew DuHasky, Rez Dining Unit Chef from Ontario Hall, was invited by the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers, to attend/participate in the annual Produce Marketing Associations' Annual Foodservice Conference in Monterey, CA.

Read full story here.

Chefs' Competition - CCUFSA
June 2014
Chefs' Competition - CCUFSA

On June 27th, CCUFSA (Canadian College & University Food Services Association) hosted their annual Chefs' Competition, a key highlight of the CCUFSA national conference.

This year's competition was hosted at the Sheraton on the Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Hospitality Services was thrilled to have a team participate.

Kudos to Carrie, Stacey, Andrew and Kristian - on their participation and bringing home bronze.

Read full story here.

Western's Farmer's Market
BPC Health Reporter Carleigh Bodrug ensures all you Mustangs are getting the food you need to stay healthy during midterms!