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Successful Candidates

Congratulations to the following successful candidates, to past Hospitality Services job postings. Job opportunities are posted on the Working at Western site.

FEBRUARY 2020 - Rez Dining

Culinary Support (sessional) - Posting #18321
Katarzyna Mancewicz

Supervisor (sessional) - Posting #18320
Luke Wayner

Culinary Support (sessional, temp) - Posting #18323
Agnieszka Bak

JANUARY 2019 - Rez Dining

Culinary Support (Sessional) - Posting # 18116
Kurtis Wettlaufer
Anish Thamarasseril
Clara Vasquez Diaz

Culinary Support (Temporary) - Posting # 18134
Azardokht Aryaie

DECEMBER 2019 - Rez Dining

Supervisor - Posting # 17971
Angela Finch

Culinary Lead - Posting # 17972
Savanah Collison

Culinary Support (temporary) Posting # 17616:
Stella Nikolakakos
Susan Song

Assistant Chef - Posting # 17653:
Chris Giannacopoulos

October 2019 - Campus Eateries

Culinary Support (Sessional) - Posting #17691
Hava Pekic
Patricia Becerra Irarrazabal

Supervisor (Sessional Temporary) - Posting #17655
Luke McCabe

Supervisor (Sessional) - Posting #17654
Kathy Chevalier

September 2019 - Campus Eateries

Supervisor: Posting #17458
Ailene Adams

September 2019 - Rez Dining

Supervisor (Temp Posting): Posting #17457
Luke Wayner

Culinary Production: Posting #17446
Changhong Chang

Assistant Chef: Posting #17452
Ben Husband

July 2019: Rez Dining

Assistant Chef (Sessional): Posting #15542
Zoran Njegovan

Chef (Sessional): Posting #15543
Manoj Pushpamangalath Chan

April 2019: Great Hall Catering

Assistant Chef, (Continuing): Posting #15541
Assadang Langsub

March 2019: Rez Dining

Culinary Lead: Posting #15347
Natalie Kinchlea

Culinary Production: Posting #15338
Ben Husband (effective September 2019)

Culinary Production: Posting #15338
Eva Perez

Culinary Support (Continuing): Posting #15345
Juan Platero

Culinary Support (Sessional): Posting #15339
Jun (Linda) Wang
Shilo Brewster
Luke Wayner
Smitha Biju
Mary Carmel Collins

March 2019: Campus Eateries

Culinary Support: Posting 14544
Angela Leon De Castro
Yan Ming Yang (Kylie)
Li Wang (Lily)

February 2019: Campus Eateries

Culinary Lead: Posting 15113
Tim La

Culinary Support (Continuing): Posting 15114
Sandy Paiva

January 2019: Campus Eateries

Culinary Lead: Posting #14826
Jacob Taylor

December 2018: Campus Eateries

Culinary Support: Posting #14544
Dusanka Ndur
Zefang Zhao
Juan Du
Hee Jin Yoo (Jinny)
Lina Khanania

Culinary Lead: Posting #14826
Jai Shim

Supervisor: Posting #14832
Hadil Ayoub

November 2018: Rez Dining

Sessional Culinary Support: Posting #14788
Jody Procter

Sessional Culinary Production: Posting #14261
Anthony Mavrikkou

Culinary Support (Temp Posting): Posting #14592
Shella Manankil

Sessional Assistant Chef: Posting #14784
Manoj Pushpamangalath Chan

October 2018: Rez Dining

Sessional Culinary Support: Posting # 14599
Savannah Collison (Ontario)
Gilwha (Violet) Kim (Ontario)
Jie Yeon (Jennie) Lee (Ontario)
Zhong (Mike) Wang (Essex)
Megan Thompson (Elgin)

Supervisor (Temp Posting): Posting # 14600
Luke Wayner (Sydenham Hall)

Culinary Lead: Posting # 14268
Dorothy Jackman (Saugeen-Maitland)
Kyung (Kay) Pak (Perth Hall)

Assistant Chef: Posting # 14593
Jean-Paul Robitaille (Ontario)

Culinary Production: Posting # 14591
Haridas Ammanath (Ontario)

October 2018: Campus Eateries

Culinary Lead: Posting # 14255
Matt Anderson

Supervisor: Posting # 14256
Andrea Gittens

Supervisor: Posting # 14265
Eleni Karavioti

Supervisor: Posting # 14598
Vaibhavi Raval

Culinary Lead: Posting # 14267
Rachael Patterson

Culinary Support: Posting # 14544
Urszula Nalepa
Jai Shim

September 2018: Rez Dining

Culinary Lead (temp): Posting # 14262
Jordon Wood

Culinary Support (temp): Posting # 14258
Jody Procter

Culinary Support: Posting # 14259
Wai Ling (Evelyn) Ng Kwong
Anish Thamarasseril
Samira Bato
Hyunhee (Grace) Lee
Gyusang (Robin) Jo

Culinary Production: Posting # 14261
Soman Sreedharan
Nicole Drinkwalter

Supervisor: Posting # 14264
Colleen Houde

June 2018: Campus Eateries

Supervisor I
Dave Calderone

April & May 2018: Campus Eateries

Kiran Mishra

Supervisor 2
Colleen Peckham

Sameira Abbas
Irmice Rambour

January 2018: Campus Eateries

Cook 1 - Sessional
Dylan Brown
Fai Mach

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