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Safety F.A.Q.

Does the University have a Health and Safety policy? If so, where would you find it?

The University does have a safety policy that is available on your safety bulletin board and on the web.

How do you get health and safety information in your job?

There are many sources. Start with your supervisor. Consider reading your health and safety bulletin board, the Hospitality Services Employee Handbook, the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) website, training courses, the Staff Enrichment Conference, etc.

Where is your health and safety bulletin board?

Each unit has its own bulletin board. Look around your area.

If you have a health and safety concern, what do you do?

First talk to your supervisor. Together you can discuss your concern and plan action.

Are you aware that safety will be part of your performance evaluation?

Forms are currently being revised and safety will now be a part of every evaluation.

Where is your First Aid kit? Who is your First Aid representative?

Look around your area. Ask your supervisor or co-workers. The name of your rep is with the kit.

If you or a co-worker has an accident, what procedures do you follow?

Be sure you and the worker are in a safe place, take care of the worker, keep others away from the hazard and contact your supervisor. Together, you will fill out an accident report.

If you are unfamiliar with a task, what do you do?

Don't do the task. Talk to your supervisor. Together, you can plan the next step. It may be a simple explanation, require training, etc. You may also refer to the Job Hazard Analyses in your binder.

Where are your Job Hazard Analyses? How do you use them?

The Job Hazard Analyses are in a binder in your unit. Go over all the steps with your supervisor. ***Coming to all units in the near future.

If the fire alarm goes off, what is your area's emergency plan?

Follow the procedures posted on your safety bulletin board. Be sure to meet your group at the area assigned for your unit. Discuss this ahead of time with your supervisor.

Do you have a representative on the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOH&SC)? Who is it? How do you find out?

Yes. All workers are represented. Check your safety bulletin board, check the web, call your Union, etc.

Does your supervisor carry out regular safety inspections? If so, how do you find out the results?

Yes, at every month end/inventory taking day. The results are posted on your health & safety bulletin board.

Are you WHMIS trained?

You should be. It not - get trained! Talk to your supervisor immediately.

Are you aware of your rights and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act?

You should be. All employees are required to attend an Employee Safety Orientation which addresses your rights and responsibilities. If you have not attended a session, talk to your supervisor immediately.

Rights: You have the right to 1) Refuse or stop unsafe work, 2) Select a worker representative, 3) Participate through JOH&SC, and 4) Know.

Responsibilities: You have the responsibility to 1) Report workplace accidents and injuries, 2) Work in a safe manner following all employer requirements, and 3) Report hazards.

Have you attended an Employee Safety Orientation? What was covered?

You should have. It covered many topics including, Western's safety policy, the OH&S Act, your rights and responsibilities, Western's responsibilities, resources available to you, emergency procedures and contact numbers, the JOH&S committee, your rep. etc. If you don't remember, talk to your supervisor to arrange to take the course again.

What is a critical injury? What do you do if one occurs?

A critical injury is a particularly severe injury that meets certain criteria. In short, it is an injury that places life in jeopardy; produces unconsciousness; results in substantial loss of blood; involves the fracture of an arm or a leg but not a finger or toe; involves the amputation of a leg, arm, hand or foot, but not a finger or toe; consists of burns to a major portion of the body; or causes the loss of sight in an eye.

Follow all normal emergency procedures. Contact your supervisor. Leave the area untouched. Contact OH&S, who will contact the Ministry of Labour.

Do you have any designated substances in your workplace? If so, what?

In Hospitality Services, none of the workers work directly with any designated substances. There is asbestos in some of the building but this poses no problem when left undisturbed.

Besides a First Aid kit, what other safety equipment do you have? Where is it?

You have an eyewash fountain and fire extinguisher. Check your area, learn the locations and how to operate them.

Where would you find a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act?

In the "green book" hanging from your health & safety bulletin board.

What Personal Protective Equipment is available in your job? When do you use it?

In most units, these include oven mitts, non-slip shoes, cut proof gloves, rubber gloves and goggles. Talk to your supervisor. Every unit is unique in its needs.

What is the most common accident in your area? How do you prevent it?

Talk to your supervisor. In Hospitality Services, overall, it is cuts, closely followed by burns and falls. Check the Job Hazard Analyses for instruction.

Have you been trained to lift properly? How?

If not , please talk to your supervisor. The general procedure was covered in your Employee Safety Orientation with a reference to the University ergonomist as a contact. Always lift with your legs - not your back. Refer to the Job Hazard Analyses.

If you have been promoted, did you receive health and safety training for your new job? If so, what?

You should always be trained in advance of taking on new duties. Talk to your supervisor if you feel you are missing some aspect of training.

How does Senior Management communicate to you about health and safety? Do they ever do inspections?

In many ways - personally, newsletters, minutes are posted, performance reviews, courses, etc.. And yes, you will see them doing inspections regularly.

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